In-Laws and Outlaws by Kate Fulford


Book_ In-Laws and Outlaws

Author_ Kate Fulford

Published_ Thistle Publishing

Genres_ Romance , Women’s Fiction


I particularly enjoyed this novel. Which led me to remember a quote I read somewhere “Mother-In-law forgets she was once a daughter-in-law”

You wake up every day to the fact that you were never her ideal daughter in law.

In this book The In-Laws and Outlaws we see Eve the protagonist and major character of the novel fighting with her mother-in-law for the heart, care, affection as well as attention for the man she loves_ Gideon.

We also see her confiding in her friend Claire a psychologist as at why she thinks her mother –in-law is deceitful and wants her gone from the picture. While Claire doesn’t share in her conspiracy nor her theories Claire does tell her to relax and stop being intimated by her mother- in-laws, class, stature and taste. She tells her that with time she would warm up to her and the long suspended tension would drop. However, Eve is far from being calm, far from being relaxed and far from trusting her mother in law.

Consolation runs through her stressed spine when Gordons sister opens up to her on how her mother has made everyone who came as close to marrying her son give up on him, break up with him and never come back for personal reasons.
Gideon is blind to his mother’s cold character towards his fiancée Eve and views the women as though they co-existed peaceful and basked in equally shared fraction of his affection and love.

It is an interesting one. Though Eve’s constant stream of consciousness delayed the progress of the novel as her mind was an endless tunnel of thoughts she never failed to think her mother-in-law could be in her immaculate kitchen thinking of ways to nip her relationship at its bud. I would definitely like to see this as a movie.


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