Review_Midnight Show by Mira Day

I want to thank Netgalley in a special way for giving me a platform to assess this novel as well as Mira Day for the novel. The review I have written is  honest and is not influenced by biased factors like favoritism or prejudice.

Book_ Midnight Show

Author_ Mira Day


Genres_ General Fiction(Adult), Mystery and Thriller 

Pages_ 79

Source_ Netgalley


Loneliness is a void that needs to be filled and An idle mind is the devils workshop. Having an abusive drunkard for a father and a gentle, meek lady for a mother can breed a broken soul, a broken son.

Brandon, is motherless at a very early age of  5. With his father hauling hatered and curses on him mother, closing his ears and longing to go with her was all he could do to block out the curses and keep all forms of transfered aggression coming from his father. He eventually loses his dad at the age of 21. 

Brandon is now 25. Years have passed since the kid took shealther in his room, closed his ears to hid from verbal abuse. His only family being his neighbors. Miss JACKIE and her daughter JENNY.

Things take a different turn when Jenny Gets a scholarship in a renowned university. Brandon is happy for happy for her but resents the scholarship for whisking his best friend away from him.

Jenny returns from school with a boyfriend_Ronnie who Brandon detests. He wills himself to tell her how he feels about her. Feelings and emotions buried six feet down his heart.

 She was all he had, his happiness his joy, the reason he stuck around his fathers house which toke him down memories lane. He loved Jenny and he was going to let her know.

But Jenny has undying love for Ronnie and doesn’t feel the same for Brandon. This triggers his inner demons. Will Brandon forgive himself for the actions he takes after his rejection? Sure as hell retributive justice caught up with him.

This book in a nut shell talks about love (unadulterated), importance of family, self forgiveness, Multiple Personality.

A faint heart gives love a second chance.


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