Review_Lies We Tell Our Kids by Brett E Wagner

I want to thank Netgalley in a special way for giving me a platform to assess this novel as well as Brett E Wagner for the novel. The review I have written is an honest one and is not influenced by biased factors like favoritism or prejudice.

Review: Lies We Tell our Kids

Book: Lies We Tell Our Kids by Brett E Wagner

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Now raise your hand if mom, dad or your guardians ever told such lies that would make ones eye stretch, exaggerated lies masked with the intention of bringing you to order and enforce good habits and morality.

Raise your hand too if you’re a parent who told white lies to keep the kids well behaved 

Now bring down your hands. We all are guilty of these one way or the other.

Brette Wagner in his novella Lies We Tell our Kids, set to be humor outlines various lies parents tell to keep their children at bay.

This is a wonderful collection of lies _so to say, represented in a graphically with high quality images to have your imagination running wild but yet focused on the authors point of view.

I found it a little hard to appreciate the humorous part of the book as some lies were pretty much alien to me.

The book contains certain images which in my opinion may trigger some sort of phobia, of course readers may react to them differently(people differ). The minds of children are so delicate and so should be handled with care any irrelevant topic, discussion or images which may trigger/cause unnecessary panic should be eradicated irrespective of the lesson you’re trying to bring home.

With the exception of these few con’s, I think it was a job well done. I found these lies amusing, its pretty lame how some kids would fall for them

  • Mittens are made out of recycled kittens. (This is hilarious)
  • George Washington was the first president to fly to space (I think my teacher skipped that part in history class_yawns)
  • If you pick your nose with your finger it will get stuck up there (help! My finger is stuck in my nose😂😅)

And the last of which I am well acquainted with. All thanks to TV and books.

  • Eat your  VEGETABLES  ðŸŒ±ðŸ„🍠or else they EAT you.

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  1. Stephanie says:

    That is soo true.. 😂😂😂😂😂


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