Review: A Cold Day in Hell_Lissa Marie Redmond

I want to thank Netgalley in a special way for giving me a platform to assess this novel as well as Lissa Marie Redmond for the novel. The review I have written is an honest one and is not influenced by biased factors like favoritism or prejudice.

A Cold Day in Hell 

Review: A Cold Day in Hell

A Cold Day in Hell_ Lissa Marie Redmond

Series_ A Cold Case Investigation #1

Published_ Midnight ink

Genres_ Fiction(Adult), Mystery & Thrillers

Pages_ 397

Source_ Netgalley 


She wanted justice, he wanted result_excerpt from a cold day in hell

Being a top notch detective can get you far on both the most wanted list and the most watched list.

Lauren Riley, mother of two, twice divorced and refined detective in cold cases and homicide. An impeccable record attributed to years of experience endowed her with multiple accolades that saw her to the pinnacle of her career as well as distinguished her from the best.

For Lauren, life was great with a cup of tea_

filling up her cup to the brim taking a sip from it, before topping it up again_excerpt from a cold day in hell

Lauren’s life and career are in sudden jeorpardy when she accepts Frank Volanti’s proposal. A polished lawyer could make you doubt your beliefs. She’s been on the receiving side. Once.

18-year-old David Ryan Spencer is charged with the murder of a high profile personality, Katherine Vine being the only suspect found in the scene the charges are heavy and so is the press.

She gives in to Volanti’s persistent plead to help clear his client of murder considering he was a teenager. 

Years of experience gives her an upper hand in the case to dug through rubbles and debris to unwind enough evidence to prove David innocent of the crime. 

Still waters run deep, with each new day came new challenges and what seemed a mount hill became a mountain.

Justice is served but Lauren is left hollow and empty with unsettling thoughts clawing at the back of her mind, is there more to the story than meets the eye? 

The end is just the beginning.

In addition

I love the way Lissa presented Lauren to us. Like she’s a normal human like us. Not so perfect, endowed with her own personal flaws and mistakes. Not too stuck up trying to be the hero.. She takes her life one step at a time careful not to miss anything and most of all is a loving mom to her children.

More grease to you elbows Lissa Redmond you had the element of surprise to the end.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Stephanie says:

    It’s really nice, though I haven’t really read it which I will eventually 😀


    1. I promise you’ll love it. This book kept me awake. Love it big time


  2. This is one awesome book…A book everyone should definitely try out… U did some real good job Lissa.


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