In-Laws and Outlaws by Kate Fulford

“Mother-In-law forgets she was once a daughter-in-law”
And You wake up every day to the fact that you were never her ideal daughter in law.

Review_In the dark by Andreas Pfluger

“A refreshing break from the sea of cliché psychological thriller. A blind agent saves the day.”


A serial killers mind is a roller coaster, an inferno with tangled wires, scattered and messed up. “He has a dictionary of his own”.

The Murder Game_ A brilliant captivating book that promises nothing more than unbridled action and adrenaline rush.

Review_Devil In Beauty by Heidi Ashworth 

The Devil in beauty_an engaging book that keeps you on a house arrest and utterly bond to the very last page.

An endearing book, generous in suspense and master of twisted ends.

Review_The Belinda Triangle by Dick Hoffman 

The Belinda Triangle is a very compelling title for a book. You’d find yourself in a book shop purchasing the book because of its correlation/contrast of the infamous Bermuda triangle. Written from a refreshing angle. Not cliche in any form.

Review_The Fall From Grace (Mummy with Benefits) by Marilyn Bennett

Grace has had her dose of one night stands, flings, alcohol, flirts and a fair share of dates that never put a ring on it. Not like she ever wanted them to. 

Her reckless and carefree life style is brought to an abrupt end when Grace discovers she was pregnant. Is she ready to be a mother?

Review_The Girl Who Came Back by Kerry Wilkinson

Olivia Elizabeth Adams, the towns mystery girl is back after going missing for thirteen years. So much has changed for the city’s most famous kidnapped child. Tho she doesn’t remember much about her brief life in Stoneridge, she is bound to face the questioning eyes. 

Review_Daisy and The Dead by Sarah Bale

Daisy and the dead. A book set in the zombie apocalypse.

I ran like hell when the first gunshot boomed through the air. Everyone around camp jumped. I wasn’t stupid -gunfire was never good. It would draw the attention of the hordes, then things would go from bad to dead_excerpt from Daisy and the dead.